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valentine week

Promise Day Quotes 2020, Messages, Quotes, Wishes & Images



Valentine week is near and one of the best days this week is promise day and this day considered one of the best day for sharing Promise Day Quotes with your girlfriend, wife, husband, and wife. every lover is so excited about this Promise Day 2020 because it considers one of the best for future commitments .and also the couple promise to each other for spending life together forever.

While Promise Day 2020 will celebrate on February 11 before teddy day, and for your information don’t consider this day as world promise day its different many people think this is the same as world promise day. Promise Day is certainly a very important day of valentine’s week for love birds. Because its day of future promises and commitments, especially if someone is having long-term relationships.


 Promise Day Quotes 2020

I’m not able to solve all your problems. but I can promise you that you will never face your problems alone. Happy Promise Day Babe.

I will forever fulfill the promise I made with you today. I promise I never leave you alone. Happy Promise Day!

Love Is the pleasure Of Today. And its Promise for tomorrow, So so this message on promise day to my heart is full of love for you. And I promise it will stay the same always full of love. Happy Promise Day!

I want to Promise with you my love we stay and walk together till the life end. Happy promise day. 

With all the beat of my heart, my love for you is increasing and after spending quality time with you it’s my promise I will love you till my last breath. After years of togetherness this, It’s my promise for you, 

I speak with you Without Egos, love you Without Intentions, and care about you Without Expectations, and I Promise you 

I have a good heart it’s true but I love and it’s true, and I only care about you   and Now I have no, heart and you have two because I give my heart to you, Happy Promise Day!.”

If there is any time like a candle in the wind. Then I’ll Put My Hands around you so I can face the burn. And I can give you all the light it’s my promise.


I don’t want to promise about Moon Or The Stars.all I want to promise you that You’ll Stay mine forever.

If anytime you feel like crying, call me. I will turn your tears into a smile love you and its mine promise. 

 Promise Day Quotes

Promise day is just about announced your love or promise to stay Together. Normally people get busy in their busy corporate jobs or business and not able to give proper time to their girlfriend or wife.

In a situation like this Promise Day, 2020 is one of the best days to the commitment with your partner. That no matter what happens I will spend quality time with you or you. And also you can promise your love quitting some bad habit just like too much smoking or anything. Which is dangerous for your health if you are confused like other how to wish your love promise day we have to write down some coolest promise day quotes for girlfriend, boyfriend, husbands, and friends you can send them and celebrate happy promise day.


Promise Day Wishes for Boyfriend

I want to be the whole thing that you dream of. Today I want to promise with you I will never let our path be divided!

Today I wan to promise to give you a life full of happiness and peace. I want to make you the happiest person in the world! Happy promise day!

We have a lot of dreams to complete together. I promise that I’ll do the best and to fulfill them and always love you.

Your smile melts my heart and every day I want to see you smiling. I’ll do everything to make sure your smile always stays on your face babe. Happy promise day!

I cannot be more grateful for what has given me. You are worthy of loved and it’s my promise I will do everything for your love. Wishing you a happy promise day!

You’re my reason for happiness. Thank God for sending you in my life. I promise to take care and love you as long as I’m alive!

Happy promise day wishes for Girlfriend

The way love it the kind of love that makes a man like stay forever, no matter what happens.

There’s not anything in this world truer than that I love you so much. And when I hold your hands and promise with you that I never leave you, it’s a guarantee for the whole life!

There is no love story was ever and passionate and romantic. No promises were ever so successful. So we are going to make a history today I will make this promise and our love successful Happy promise day!

I’m so much fall in love with you so it becomes a habit now. Everything else is just a false impression and illusion now. Happy promise day!

Life never seems so valuable, not until you hold my hands. I promise you I will never leave you alone happy forever!

I’ll be devoted to you till my last breathing. My love is only for you and I want nothing in my life to expect you. Happy promise day!


Promise day wishes for Husband

You’re the type of husband that all women dream and want. I feel so lucky and blessed for having you as my husband and soul mate. Happy promise day!

Today I want to promise you that you are the best gift I have ever received from God in my life, I love you so much! Happy promise day!

There will be no value in my life if I haven’t met you. Today I want to promise with you as long as there’s a day after night!

You make me feel so special with your care and love. And I want to promise you I will give you the same always.

Even if I guarantee my whole world to you, it would be so small and nothing. You have given me too much love and care and it can never be repaid ever.  

I’ll think I’m so lucky if I can provide you half of the happiness give to me. You’re the best husband. Happy promise day!

Promise Day Quotes for Wife

My heart belongs to only you and doesn’t want anything except you. I love you, my wife. Happy promise day 2020.

Today I want to promise with you, my wife. I will never leave you alone for a moment. You’re the reason my life like heaven.


On promise day I want to tell you I will bring all the happiness you deserve. Happy promise day!

Home is incomplete without you my wife. And My life is also incomplete and meaningless without you. Happy promise day my love!

You bring a spark into my life every day. I promise will make you happy daily as long as I live. Happy promise day to you!

You’re the only reason why the whole thing seems alright even when nothing is correct. I love you I’m so lucky to have you as my wife. Happy promise day!


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valentine week

Kiss Day Quotes 2020 , Messages, Quotes, Images





Happy Kiss Day 2020: Kiss day is the last day of valentines week list and love birds celebrate this day on 13th February at the end of valentine’s week. Kiss day quotes 2020  are the best way to share and exchange love with your life partner. kiss is one a very important fragment of any relationship and it makes the relationship stronger. And for some of you might be going to kiss first time their love. Don’t feel worried about kissing because its one of the best feelings in the world always watches some videos on youtube how to kiss your love.

Kiss Day Quotes

Because the first expression of kissing your love is the last impression. And directly on the first date kissing your lover does not consider a good idea. Make her feel special with some romantic kiss day quotes 2020. Or send her kiss day messages on WhatsApp kiss day is mostly celebrated in India. But in another part of other countries like Sri Lanka, the USA and UK also celebrate kiss day. If you don’t have an idea what to say to your partner about kiss day we have to write some amazing collection of kiss day quotes for girlfriend and kiss day quotes for boyfriend you can also forward these messages to your husband or wife.

Kiss Day Quotes 2020

  • Happy kiss day to you my love of life. Let’s make a world record of kissing on this day. And I know we can do that easily.
  • Your kisses work like a sweetener for me. The more you kiss, the sweeter my life becomes. Happy kiss day 2020.
  • If you give me a chance I would kiss you every time, every second, every day and every hour you are that much sweet babe, happy kiss day.
  • If you think about me suddenly, just remember my flying kisses start blowing in the air finally gathering up with you. Happy Kiss Day Baby.
  • If I had the power to bring back time and memories I would bring the first time I kiss your lips and after kissing look into your eyes and fall in love with you. Wish your Happy Kiss Day.
  • The good behavior over the holiday season is to be drunk and kiss your partner and enjoy life.

Kiss Day Quotes For Boyfriend

  • Our kiss is sweet as sugar, a gesture of care and love and your small kiss gives me a lot of happiness…
  • It’s a big world with millions of people but my love the kiss is just for u “HAPPY KISS DAY…
  • A cute Kiss is just a signal of love and warmth which comes from deep within the heart and reaches deep within the soul happy kiss day babe.
  • Whenever you  KISS me,  it automatically brings a smile on my face. happy kiss day love
  • A good friend is always good, but a kiss from you is better than everything. Happy Kiss Day!
  • Your Kisses are like the Stars Light Up when everything is dark! Happy Kiss Day 2020.

Kiss Day Quotes For Girlfriend

  • The best feelings and things in life can never be reserved and you must be given away a hug and a kiss Happy Kiss Day babe.
  • When you hold my form back and kiss me seriously, I forget all my problems keep kissing me like this. happy kiss day babe.
  • When you go office without kissing me it makes Me Sick. So promise me, babe, you will not leave home without kissing me J Happy Kiss Day!
  • A kiss is a beautiful thing designed by nature to stop talking when words become unnecessary. Happy Kiss Day!
  • When I hold you and kiss you I can’t see anything wrong with each other. Happy Kiss Day Babe!
  • I never believed love could feel like this beautiful then you kiss me and change my perception babe.
    Happy Kiss Day!

Kiss Day Quotes For Wife

  • We get warmth from the sun, We get water when its rain, We inhale through the air, And we make our life happy trough kisses.  HAPPY KISS DAY!!
  • If I can express my love through my lips it will be attached with you forever HAPPY KISS DAY TO MY babe
  • Do you know what is the best way of expressing love? Kiss on your lips Happy kiss day to my favorite men
  • Kisses are like the treatment of every problem when you kiss me I become better and energetic again.  Happy KISS day…
  • There is no gift better than a sweet kiss from your lips on my lips. Happy Kiss Day babe!

Kiss Day Quotes

  • On this kiss day 2020, a lot of love and kisses to the most beautiful person and my life. Happy kiss day.
  • Doctors claim that kissing reduces blood pressure. So, I want to kiss you daily for keeping myself always fit.
  • Happy kiss day 2020, my babe. Let’s make the world record of kissing on this day and make this day memorable for life. And I know we can do it.
  • When I kiss you, it’s the best feeling in the world, and it strengthens our relationship and bonding. Happy kiss day, and keep kissing me, love.
  • When you touch your lips with mine, I forget all the troubles of my life. So, keep kissing me and happy kiss day 2020.

happy kiss day quotes

  • How can I forget you the kiss day 2020? Although I am far away, I’m sending you my wishes trough this sweet message and a lot of kisses on your cheeks.
  • Happy kiss day 2020, my world. You know, whenever I see you, I want to kiss you. So happy kiss day, babe.
  • When you pull me closer and kiss me, I fall in love with you and forget this world thanks for choosing me, love. happy kiss day.
  • One of the best gifts you can give me on valentine’s week is a loving kiss babe.
  • An early morning kiss from you makes my day so amazing and pleasant babe Happy Kiss Day.
  • A kiss from you offers me a lot of happiness and love. May we never part, babe. Happy Kiss Day!

Kiss Day Quotes For Husband

  • Life gives me to give me a thousand wounds, but a kiss from you can heal a million wounds in a minute. I am sending my love and warm kisses on kiss day babe.
  • I forget everything around me when you kiss and hug. Happy Kiss Day world best, Hubby!
    All I want every day is your kiss in the morning. For me, it’s a reminder of much you care and love me. Happy Kiss Day, my love!
  • Our love keeps our hearts in sync, but our kisses bring us closer, then anyone can imagine Happy Kiss Day hubby!
  • Nothing makes more feel more comfortable when you pull me closer and touch your lips with mine. I need your kiss to let go off my all life problems. Happy Kiss Day world, best husband!
  • When you hold me and kiss me this, I forget all the stress and fall in love with you happy kiss day babe.
    I still remember when you first time kisses me. I always remember how fast your heart was beating that time, happy kiss day babe.
  • You don’t need to express your love and feelings for me with words. Just sweet and humble kiss from you is sufficient to soften my heart! Happy Kiss Day, loving husband! Your kisses energize my soul and keep my heart healthy and warm.



Kiss Day Date 2020 & Celebration In Other Countries 2019


INDIA: 13th Feb 2020 is the day of kiss day in India but this day in 2020 just don’t limit to India is and people from all other Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Pakistan also celebrate this day and send cute, romantic funny kiss day quotes and images, to their loved ones.

Europe: 6th July is the international kissing day. And people around the world celebrate this day to clear the concept of a kiss. There are different types of kisses, a passionate kiss, and a kiss of love by your child. And people in the United 


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valentine week

Teddy Day Wishes 2020 , Messages, Quotes, Images





Teddy Day Wishes – Valentine’s Week 2020 is around the corner, and the best thing about this week is. You can express your love throughout this week from gifting someone unique chocolates or roses. If your life partner loves teddy bears, then nothing is better then happy teddy day wishes 2020 you can gift your boyfriend girlfriend beautiful teddy and express your love trough happy teddy day wishes, quotes, and messages.

 Teddy Day Wishes – Teddy Day Greetings – Teddy Day Messages – Teddy Day SMS – Teddy Day Quotes 2020

This week is all about expressing your love to your wife and girlfriend so they can understand what you feel for them. Don’t forget to exchange teddy day wishes when you gift her/him teddy. If you don’t have any idea what to say below, we have to write some fantastic teddy day messages for girlfriend and wife and teddy day quotes for husband and boyfriend add these wishes to express your love and make them feel special.

 Teddy Day Wishes

  •  On this Teddy Bear Day 2020, accept my wishes, and I want to be your teddy bear for your whole life and want to give you unlimited hugs. Happy Teddy Day.
  •  Happy Teddy Bear Day to my you love, thanks for countless hugs. Thanks for always hugging me whenever I need you.
  •  On this Teddy Bear Day 2020, I want to inform you nobody is beautiful like you.
  •  Baby, you are sweet and cuddly and warm, just like my teddy bear. I want to wish you Happy Teddy Day 2020!
  •  My life without you is like a room without a teddy so dull and dull, please be my teddy bear and gave me the number of hugs every day. Happy Teddy Bear Day, my love.
  •  You can’t buy happiness from money, but you can buy a cute teddy bear. Happy Teddy Day, babe!
  •  I want to tell you, to say you are my teddy bear. Happy Teddy Bear Day!
  •  Is every time ready for falling in love with your prepared to fall in love with you? 
  •  Happy Teddy Day!
  •  To the cutest teddy, I know – I love you a lot, babe, and I’m missing your warm bear hugs.
  •  Happy Teddy Day!
  •  Lots of love and warm teddy hugs and love from my side on this Teddy Day 2020 babe!
  •  It’s Teddy Day 2020, and I can’t wait for hugging you, my teddy bear.

 Teddy Day Quotes

  • I am o sorry I am far away from you love, I am sorry on this teddy I’m not in front of you, but one thing I can tell I love you from the core of my heart with you, Happy, Teddy Bear Day!
  • Teddy bears don’t require real hearts as they are already full of love. So I’m sending you my love trough this teddy bear. Happy teddy day, love.
  • Love you and love your teddy bear, kiss you and kiss your teddy bear, hug you hug your bear, happy teddy bear day babe.
  • Oh, My Beautiful wife, You are my cutest teddy bear, and I always want to be near you Happy Teddy Bear 2020.
  • You always laugh within me, makes me happy every time you are my teddy bear Happy teddy day.

Teddy day wishes for girlfriend

if you are far from home or having a long-distance relationship with your girlfriend, and you can be sent them valentine’s wishes and teddy day wishes on Whatsapp or Facebook as well. It will make your women more pleasing for the whole valentine’s week. There are so many teddy day quotes we have to write down below.

Read and select the best one and make your girlfriend or wife realize how much you love them.

  • The best way to express your feeling with your girlfriend or wife is to send them teddy day wishes on Facebook WhatsApp and messages. And make them feel special.
  • Hey babe, make me your teddy and always remain by my side. Happy Teddy Day, my love!
  • This adorable teddy bears small gift from my side to show you how much I love you, my women. I love you. Happy Teddy Day!
  • Just like this fluffy and cute teddy, I also want to stay always with you and want to spend the rest of my lifetime by your side. Happy Teddy Day!
  • Even if the star refuses to shine, and the words refuse to rhyme…my women, you will always be my valentine. Happy Teddy Day!!
    The cuddly teddy bear is to make you realize how much I love you. I Teddy Day!
  • In sending you an adorable teddy bear for your so when I’m not around, you can hug this teddy instead of me. Happy teddy bear day.
  • This teddy bear will remind you of our memories and moments we spent together I wish I can stay close to you like this teddy bear for whole life J happy teddy bear day.

Teddy Day Wishes For Wife

  • The wife is someone who is not your life partner, but she is the one who also supports you in every difficult situation and becomes your bestirred when you need it.
  • And when you are far away from her, she is the only one you think about her and misses her every time, so this valentine’s week if you are far away from your wife you can send her cute adorable teddy bear with teddy bear wishes and express your love for her.
  • Don’t forget to attach wishes and messages, and if you don’t have any idea what to send your wife, you can copy these teddy day wishes for your wife and transmit her.
  • How I can fail to remember, To wish my beautiful wife. Happy teddy day 2020, as you are the only adorable woman in my life.
  • Only one person can compete with a teddy bear in terms of cuteness and fluffiness, and it’s only you, my wife happy teddy day 2020.
  • Happy teddy day, my love! I still remember when I purpose you and give you the first teddy and celebrate the whole valentine’s week you.
  • Happy teddy day, darling. You know the reason why I love you a lot because whenever you are around, I never feel sad for a moment. Love you, my wife,
  • Wishing you teddy bear day 2020 to my adorable and cute wife.


Teddy Day Wishes for Boyfriend

A boyfriend and husband is someone who gives you unlimited hugs every time you need it. Generally, boys don’t like teddy as compared to girls.But if you know your boyfriend and or husband love teddy bears. You can send them a small cute teddy with a teddy day wishes to make them feel special. We have some fantastic assortment of Teddy Bear Day wishes for boyfriend and husband you can your men and make him feel special.

  • I’m sending you an adorable teddy, it’s not just the teddy, and it’s me you can hug anytime now happy teddy day my men.
  • Happy teddy bears a day to you, my love. You are my teddy, who always makes me feel special. Love you!
  • I want to wish happy teddy bear day 2020 my teddy bear, keep always smiling, and be mine teddy for the whole life.
  • Hey, my love. Happy teddy day to you. You are adorable like teddy and smart like brad pit. And I love this deadly combo.
  • I’m sending you my favorite teddy bear, and it will remind you of me every time you see this teddy. Happy teddy day, love.
  • How I cannot remember to wish my men happy teddy bear day. You are my adorable teddy love you <3

 Teddy Day Wishes For Husband

  •  Happy Teddy Bear Day 2020 to my prettiest cuddly love happy teddy bear, babe!
  •  On teddy day 2020, I’m sending you gift of a teddy bear, to show that I’m ready, to make you mine every time.
  •  Happy Teddy Day 2020 to my love, You’re the cutest teddy bear of my life, be my side every time.
  • Your presence in my life gives a smile on my face every time whenever I feel sad. I think about you.
  •  On this teddy bear day, I am sending you this big teddy bear. So whenever you miss me, you can hug this cute teddy bear. 
  •  I Don’t want to close my eyes because you are the one who opens my heart, babe. Happy Teddy Day, BABE.
  •  I want to replace myself with your teddy bear so whenever you hug your teddy bear, or you cuddle it. You cuddled me instead. Happy Teddy Day, BABE.
  •  It’s a TEDDY BEAR DAY 2020! And I’m thinking about giving so many hugs with love and a cute teddy bear.
  •  You are always in my thinking, and I dream about you wherever I go. You are in my mind and heart happy, Teddy Bear Day. I want to say ‘I LOVE YOU.’
  •  Babe is the most valuable treasure I have, and I found my heaven in you. I want to say I’ll always love you like I do today. Happy Teddy Day.
  •  A cute Teddy Bear for my cutie pie. To say, I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy Teddy Bear Day!
  •  Anywhere I may go, you will always be there in my heart and thoughts and mind. I wish you a happy teddy day love. 
  •  Right now, you might not be able to hug me, but you can embrace this teddy bear I’m sending you. Happy Teddy Day, dear!


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valentine week

Propose day quotes 2021 : Purpose Day wishes,messages , images, quotes, greetings





In February 2020, markets are full of gifts and valentine wishes cards around the world, and that’s the clear signal of love valentine season of love. And in this season, all the love birds and romantic couples celebrate Valentine’s week 2020. And one of the best day to express your love is to celebrate happy propose day quotes with full respect and show affection and express their love for each other.

Propose Day Quotes 2020

The purpose day is one of the best days for expressing your love first time, and nothing is better than purpose day 2020. But if you don’t have any idea what to speak and write, we have written down best happy propose day wishes, purpose day quotes for you.

 Valentine’s week begins from 7th February 2020 ends on 14th February 2020. This week start from Rose day; the second day on the list is Propose Day. And it’s one of the best days for purposing your love.

happy propose day quotes


Here are some most profound messages that you can send your partner and make them feel special.

Be with me everywhere! I love you more than anything! Happy Propose Day!

Hi love, I wish I were I can bend on my knee and give you a bouquet to be my Valentine.

I can’t think about a second of my life without you. Will you be mine and hold my hand tight for the whole experience. I love you.

I love you more than myself and want to be yours forever. Will you be mine, Valentine?

Nothing can express my love for you is never-ending, whenever I see you, I can see my passion in your eyes will you be mine valentine.

The most emotion is tough to express. Just look into my eyes; they will say,” will you be mine.

propose day wishes for girlfriend & wife

Purpose day 2020 is the best day for expressing your feelings and love you might fall in love with your girl and find it difficult to confess in front of her about feeling. But this valentine’s week 2020 is your chance to express and share your love with your girlfriend. Go ahead and propose your girl in the best possible way. Share purpose day messages and win her heart for a whole life. And if you are not able to find words don’t worry, we have written the best purpose day wishes for girlfriends you can copy and share with her on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Propose day quotes

On this Propose day 2020, I don’t want to say be mine, or I love you or be mine or be mine valentine instead of all this I want to tell whenever you need me. I want to promise you ill be there for you, and you can call me anytime.

You are the real happiness of my life, and I want to spend my whole life with U forever..will you?

Love is not Something you search true Love will find you by itself. I want to be with U babe until the sun falls from the sky.

I have one dream, and it might be my dream come true that you and I can spend my whole life together — happy Propose Day to My Love.

Come and join my heart, and I’ll not ask a single penny from you. Happy Propose Day!

Love is a souvenir, Love is a promise. Love is the best gift, once given, never forgotten, never let it disappear. Happy Propose Day

Love is sweet, and it will be awesome when we meet when our Lips are meeting each other. Then Love is complete. Happy Propose Day…!!

Propose Day Wishes for lovers

As long as we are together, I don’t require any other reason for living my life. You are my everything, my life, and my destiny. Be mine for the whole life.

I will feel luckiest men in the world today, if you accept my proposal today I love you and will you be mine forever? Happy propose day!

I’m unaffected with every pain in this world as long as we are together. Thanks for love and care, babe. Happy propose day!

I was never had believed in love at first sight until I meet you. Now my heartbeat for you every single moment! Will you be mine for your whole life?

If I go back into my life, holding your hand was one of the best decisions, I ever made and wishing you a happy, propose day love!

Take my endless love on this special day and know that you are the reason why I breathe, and I live! Happy propose day!Purpose Day wishes.

Purpose Day Messages

The Propose Day 2020, you can propose your boy and girl and make them realized how much you love them and the best way to purpose anyone is to send them purpose day wishes,  message and quotes Share your feelings of love through our written purpose day message. You can share a romantic Propose Day Messages, Propose Day Wishes, and Greetings, propose day status on social media and tough WhatsApp as well.


Propose Day Wishes for Boyfriend & Husband

Purposing your love is one of the hardest things in life and especially for ladies because generally in the world boy purpose girls. Although now the time is changing. Even women can initiate and express and confess the love in front of their men.

As you know, purpose day 2020 is near, and you can purpose your men, and if you face difficulty what to say, don’t worry, we have written some fantastic Propose Day Quotes for Boyfriend, and you can send it to your love. So go ahead and make your valentine week special.

Propose A Girl Quotes 

  • There are many love stories. But, my favorite and sweet one is our story will you be mine valentine??
  • Life becomes so beautiful when you hold my hands. The world looks so boring and dull when you are not around. Can you hold my hands forever and make my life beautiful for my whole life?
  • My life becomes brighter, And the world becomes more beautiful when you are with please stay in my life forever.
  • I want to hold your hands, till the sun and moon are in the sky, till the water is blue, and stars shine bright. Will you be mine valentine?
  • When I am driving, you are in my mind, When am working, when I sleep are in my dreams, when I I idle, you are in my beliefs. Please stay with me forever
  • I want to open my eyes every day and want to watch your face first will you be mine forever.




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